A refrigerator is probably one of the most important tools in the kitchen, because it not only stores food, but also prevents it from spoiling..The problems causing the leak to the refrigerator are a damaged gasket or refrigerator door, a drip tray which is leaking, defrost drainage and leaking ice machine. Here are the basic steps to Troubleshoot a Leaking Refrigerator

1) If there is a snowman or water dispenser in the fridge, then it can leak out. The water hose or snap on the back of the refrigerator can be dull, resulting in leakage. Make sure you attack it properly. Check that the water dispenser tube is located and follow it. Connect it correctly.It can also be due to the uneven position of the device. When the refrigerator is tilted on one side, it will leak. Remove the grills below the fridge and let someone tilt them back so you can keep a piece of wood or a platform to level it. When you do this, the leak will definitely stop.

2) Check out the refrigerator inside out. Try to find the leak and make sure the source of the leak is clearly located. In most cases, the refrigerators are required to keep under the wall. With the wheels mounted the refrigerator will be easy to extrude. If the wheels are not present, then ask someone to help carry the refrigerator.

3) Check the door seal. Check around the door for pieces or other materials to make a crack between the frame of the refrigerator or a rubber gasket that tightly holds the gasket. It can melt frozen materials and lead to condensation. Use soap and a cloth to remove unwanted pieces and clean the frame and gasket surface.

4) If the problem is not found in the rubber gasket, then the refrigerator should bend back. Do this with the help of an assistant. Check at the angle where it is tilted. This can be the source of the problem. To ensure that the gasket has been sealed, the refrigerator should be slightly rewinded. After tilting the refrigerator, the front legs should be spoiled if necessary.

5) Check the Refrigerator from the back. At the bottom of the refrigerator, here is a small drip tray. Take it off with a screwdriver. Then pour clean and clean water. If the pan spreads, then buy a new one.

6) Check the hoses that connect the ice maker to the fridge. This tube runs up to the thick pipe located behind the refrigerator wall. Make sure the fittings are enclosed. If they become loose, then tighten them with a wrench to prevent the leakage.


Most problems with the leak from the refrigerator are easy and easy to repair, and the common reasons are simple, which can be done without any problem and repairing less or no cost. Therefore, the instructions for repairing a leaking refrigerator are more of a “do-it-own” process and no special skills are required.