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Oven Repair Steps for a Gas Oven That Does Not Heat

If you own a gas oven that appears to be in need of oven repair, a common culprit can be the ignition mechanism for the flame. In order to be sure that this is the case, however, it is important to know what to look for before calling for an expert in oven repair in Phoenix to your home.

Three Types of Ignition Mechanisms

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There are three major categories of igniters that are used in ovens today. If you own a gas oven, then it is overwhelmingly likely that it employs one of these mechanisms. Identifying which one that is can be of great help while you are on the phone with your favorite affordable appliance repair service for oven repair work:

  • Pilot Ignition. This is the most common and well-known type of igniter. At All City Appliance Repair in Phoenix, we hear very often that the pilot is out in the oven and needs to be replaced.

The funny thing about this is that it is such a common problem that we even hear this from customers who do not own a pilot ignition oven at all! It is important to realize that the “pilot” refers to a small, real flame that is kept lit and from which the rest of the fire draws its source.

  • Glow Bar Ignition. This is a safer and very common ignition that uses a solid-state heat source, exposed to the gas, which it then lights. These types of igniters can wear out over time. Oven repair specialists can perform easy replacement once that happens.
  • Spark Ignition. Much like a conventional gas range, spark ignition ovens utilize a tiny spark of extremely high temperature to light the gas and start the oven’s flame. This spark is usually generated electrically, and often the igniter’s electric element will wear out and produce a spark that does not have a high enough temperature to light the gas.

The spark ignition oven described here can be dangerous because it is easy to leave the gas running and let it build up while you believe that the problem is originating from somewhere else. If you know you have one of these ovens, let a professional oven repair specialist look at it before you attempt to further identify the problem.

A respectable all brand appliance repair service like ours will be able to identify what kind of ignition system your oven uses just by the brand name and model of the appliance. If you have any doubts about the safety of observing your oven’s ignition process in action, you are better off leaving it to us.

Are Problems Other Than the Ignition Possible?

Any number of other issues may be causing your oven not to heat. If there is any reason to suspect a gas leak, then it is absolutely imperative to call our emergency repair service right away. If we determine that the gas is running fine and the ignition is not to blame, we can perform further oven repair inspections at no extra charge to our customer until we discover and fix the problem.

In addition to being able to help you with oven problems, our skilled technicians are also well equipped to help you with any other appliance problems you may have, such as needing a refrigerator fixed, washer or dryer repairs, or even helping with dishwasher problems in your Phoenix home.